Nurturing the Entrepreneur with MBA Education: Shobhit University’s New Flagship MBA

They say businesspeople are born, not made. You are either a born entrepreneur or you work for one, they said in the old days. However, successful startups created by graduates from some of the top MBA colleges & universities in India indicate otherwise. Additionally and rather paradoxically, MBA employers are placing a new emphasis on the entrepreneurial talents and skills of those that they hire. Well-constructed global MBA programs can inculcate those elusive entrepreneurial skills and make a sound business person out of anyone today! You know what Milton Berle said, if opportunity doesn’t knock; build a door!

How top MBA colleges & universities in India open up entrepreneurial pathways

Entrepreneurial ability is a key talent for any leader who hopes to inspire their team and grow their business. Today, with the internet at one’s disposal; the options offered by e-commerce and e-entrepreneurship have increased exponentially. If you're someone looking for management colleges & universities in Delhi NCR you have a number of excellent options that equip you with real life skills and which help you succeed as a business person. This is true whether you're looking to create your own business or become involved in growing an established enterprise.

More and more Indian B schools, including some of the top MBA colleges & universities in India are realizing the importance of equipping, would be entrepreneurs with skills that combine practical business lessons and academic learning. You can choose from full time management programs, diplomas, certificate courses or even workshops that can help individuals with their own great startup idea or those are looking to join an organization that promises a lucrative and growth oriented career path. Such global MBA programs with specialization in entrepreneurship, can also act as vital value additions for those looking to join a family business; bringing fresh perspective and new growth opportunities even to settled and long fostered business practices.

Chart your own success with an MBA in digital marketing & e-entrepreneurship

With an estimated four and a half lakh jobs coming up for professionals in the digital marketing sphere and with the current emphasis on startups and other entrepreneurial ventures, an MBA in digital marketing & e-entrepreneurship has never looked more attractive! Practically every business venture is looking to increase sales via e-commerce avenues and simply everyone seems to have digital marketing requirements. The top MBA colleges & universities in India are looking to fulfill that very requirement.

No one in the sphere of digital marketing can afford not to be skilled Google Adwords for instance; so learning all about effective application of graphic display ads, text-based search ads, in-app mobile ads or YouTube video ads has become quite necessary now.

A globally accepted MBA from an organization, recognized by the University Grants Commission (UGC) with a good performance descriptor that equips you with job ready skills as well as business acumen has many obvious benefits for the MBA aspirant. Aspirants looking for admissions to management colleges & universities in Delhi NCR now have access to high quality, comprehensive courses that impart genuine skills to help with efficient planning, effective communication and sound implementation.

It makes sense to opt for global MBA programs that equip you with many of the skills that some of top MBA colleges & universities in India offer. Look for courses that offer training workshops and seminars conducted by industry professionals where experts share their experiences and insight, hundreds of hours of industrial training, focused digital marketing specialisations, mentoring from individuals who are recognised successes in their respective fields, discussions, live projects and a holistic training environment.

How Shobhit University’s MBA in Digital Marketing and Eentrepreneurship is nurturing young MBAs as Entrepreneur

As India is gearing up for promoting startup india, standup india, digital india and make in India, India is seeing a promising startup culture never heard nor seen before yet only 1 out of 100 startups survive the first year. The reason is not just funds but the right skill set to run the startup. Its not just about ideas and funds but execution and knowhow too. There was no MBA program available in India to address the needs of e startups and nurture an e Entrepreneur’s mind hence Shobhit University along with their knowledge partner ILEX Academy decided to nurture the entrepreneur in today’s youth the right way.

‘‘We started working on creating

1.the right mindset -The Do it yourself Mindset

We identified courses, skills and tools to include in our MBA program which would add great value in your startup days

Here, you get to work with startups during the course of your study to get the real feel

We brought in 450+ hours of industrial training to equip you with practical exposure

2.The Right Incubation Support

We collaborated with best incubation Experts to get you the right nurturing for starting your dream career.

3.The Right Business Networking

Through out the course, you meet and interact with Industry’s leading entrepreneurs, business leaders to build the right network of guides, mentors and lifelong friends.

We oriented the entire academic ecosystem for MBAs towards nurturing entrepreneurship and shobhit university in collaboration with iLEX Academy created India’s first 2 year full time MBA program with specialization in Digital Marketing and E Entrepreneurship” explained Ajay Singh on behalf of Shobhit University.

Another aspect of global MBA programs that is vitally important for MBA aspirants is the way their degrees open up job opportunities by virtue of specialised training. Passing out from any of the top MBA colleges & universities in India virtually guarantees a high paying job. So it instills confidence when you hear of an MBA program that partners with industry leaders such as Fortis, Dainik Bhaskar, BPL, IBM, Philips, Reliance, Hitachi and hundreds of other corporate entities to provide post training job assistance and schedule job interviews with potential employees.

When you choose the right digital marketing & e-entrepreneurship course, your training equips you with practical skills to get you ahead in real business situations. Like any of the top MBA colleges & universities in India, you also find careful support for placements and students’ psychological needs. So make your choice – a successful future awaits!