There Are MBA Programs and There Are MBA Programs with an Edge

What sets apart the top management colleges in India from all the others? If you are a young student looking for MBA admission in Delhi, other big city or in fact in any part of India, what precisely are you looking for? Which are the best international MBA programs that genuinely equip you with the skills that you need to perform in the work place? How can you ensure that your MBA will actually arm you with the sort of skills that employers are looking for?

Why are there so many aspirants for the top management colleges in India?

Engineers as well as other graduates from various streams including science, commerce or arts typically look to add value to their education and to enhance their skill set. This is the main reason to opt for an MBA according to experts. The best international MBA programs can and should improve cognitive skills, thinking, bring about attitudinal and behavioral change, and enhance communication and interpersonal skills.

Many Indian students look for MBA admission in Delhi and elsewhere; they pursue an MBA in the belief that they would be able to land a good job at the end of it. The reality is not so simple however. While graduates from the top management colleges in India are highly sought after, this is not true for all of the MBA graduates India produces.

One Wall Street Journal report spoke of a study that discovered only 10% of graduates from India's business schools are ‘employable’. There are a staggering number of business schools out there – about 3,300 – according to the report. These churn out many thousands of graduates who, unfortunately are not armed with the skills required in the job market.

How are the best international MBA programs different from others?

The highly regarded programs have an edge over others in several different ways: they equip students with actual skills in entrepreneurship, marketing and leadership. They develop business acumen and teach actual planning skills - abilities that equip a student to function effectively and contribute to the workplace.

The top management colleges in India equip you with real, useable skills. The course you opt for should offer well-rounded training that includes not only classroom interactions but industrial training, case studies, specializations in digital marketing, practical work, group discussions, project work and other hands on activities. Working closely with startups, understanding marketing strategies in real time and ideation sessions help students gain valuable perspective. This helps recreate real, lifelike situations and prepares a student for the actual work place.

What do the top management colleges in India offer you?

The best B schools in India have earned the stellar reputation that they have, because of the quality of faculty members, the course material choice, international certifications offered and the assurance of a job offer at the end of the course. The most highly regarded courses are those that have industry professionals as mentors, offer paid internship and assure more than one job offer at the end. The best courses also equip you for various roles such as in corporate management, entrepreneurial enterprises, or nonprofit leadership.

Eligibility is another issue. Many of the best international MBA programs are difficult if not impossible to get into. Graduation requirements and other admission are also be tough to meet and this can be a problem for students who have not been able to score high marks because of personal or other reasons.

Faculty members and program mentors, is another aspect you should examine when narrowing down your choice of the top management colleges in India. When senior business management professionals, experienced researchers, entrepreneurs from various fields including the digital sphere, experts in branding, advertising and marketing and other professionals with hands on experience are a part of the faculty, you can rest assured that you receive the well-rounded training you are looking for.

There are MBA Programs and there are MBA programs with an edge.The difference is clear,with one you struggle and strive and with other you succeed and secure. Shobhit University in collaboration with ilex Academy brings NEW Age MBA:India’s first 2 year full time MBA Specialisation in Digital Marketing and e Entrepreneurship. An MBA Program specially designed to bring you

  • 450+ hours of industrial training
  • 50+ Industry Professionals to teach and mentor you
  • 5+ International Certifications from Google, Facebook, Amazon
  • Tie-ups with incubators to help you start your own business including fund raising
  • Live Work Experience with startups during the course

This program is on par with international schools and are able to adapt themselves to keep pace with changing market trends and the changes in ecommerce and digital marketing. It is important to look beyond classrooms and textbooks; to venture into the realm of case studies, portfolio building and real life problem solving. It is vital to become genuinely empowered and skilled. So opt for program with an edge – give yourself a genuine edge that goes beyond the mere privilege of attaching the letters MBA to your name!