An MBA Program to nurture Entrepreneurs

Do you want to join an MBA Program this year? How about an MBA specialisation that increases your job prospect by upto 30%? How about an MBA program that gives you a startup experience to establish your own startup? How about an MBA program where 70% faculty is from industry where you are mentored by CEOs to nurture yourself. if you are a graduate seeking an MBA which assures you of a stable career in fastest growing digital and media sector, this article shall make huge sense to your aspirations.

As you would be reading and knowing that there is a huge growth today in internet industry and with the advent and success of Amazon, Flipkart, Uber, Ola even government is pushing this sector through digital India initiatives and there are huge jobs and career options coming up.

Inspite of tremendous growth in digital marketing industry backed by ambitious projections of becoming INR 25000 Cr industry in next 3 years, there is an acute shortage of skilled manpower in this domain ( industry reports mention that there is a requirement of 1.5 lac professionals in next 3 years).

It is expressed as a key concern by market leaders that due to the evolving stage of the industry, the requisite skill set and knowledge among new entrants is inadequate to sustain the growth.

It is estimated that there would a huge demand for MBAs in these digital companies who understand digital marketing thoroughly and are aware of startup culture too. It is expected that India will churn more startups than US in coming years and every startup will require a marketing professional who understands marketing in detail. Hence there is huge demand for young MBAs with specialisation in Digital Marketing and E-entrepreneurship. This industry is expected redefine the growth prospects of MBAs in this domain.

Thus Shobhit University collaborated with industry and academia to join hands and work together in creating a full time MBA program with specialisation in digital marketing and e entrepreneurship.

Shobhit University is a NAAC Accredited University under UGC Act 1956 teaching for past 23 years with exceptional ranking consistently.

How is this program different from other MBA Programs

First and foremost, it doesn’t want make you another MBA seeking a job in the job market but this MBA makes you an MBA with hands on skills of an digital marketer and experience of a startup hence you have both the options once you finish an MBA. You can start your own company as well as you can join a good company as marketing manager.

How this MBA program does it beautifuly

  • You get 450+ hours of startup experience. We have tie ups with 50+ startups in various sectors where you will be undergoing training and mentorship.
  • 70% faculty is from industry as this course not something which can be taught by pure academicians. It requires hands on skill and problem solving acumen thus they have top professionals visiting their campus to help students learn tricks of the trade.
  • Students get certifications from Google, Facebook, Amazon which establish their credentials as someone who can handle paid budgets in companies from day one.
  • This program offers most comprehensive MBA curriculum combining Digital marketing and entrepreneurship in one program.
  • They have also done tie ups with companies to offer paid internship(10-12k upwards) and assured Pre placement offers after first year of MBA.

There is something very important related to selection process adopted by Shobhit University which makes this program more beneficial than any other MBA program in India.

When Shobhit University started building the program, a key challenge was to select the right mindset for this MBA program.

This sector(digital marketing) shall require MBAs who have both creativity and entrepreneurial mindset so that they can handle challenges of marketing as well complexities of decision making in startups and fresh projects. here CAT, XAT and Mat was not proving to be enough as they did not cover all the elements.

In order to help students understand their acumen better, shobhit university brought an international assessment program developed under the theory of nobel prize winner and world’s renowned brain scientist Dr Kobus Neethling ‘The Whole Brain Test’ also called as The Neethling test.

This test is used by more than a million people across fortune 500 companies in India and abroad. Shobhit University’s MBA Program in Digital Marketing and eEntrepreneurship is India’s first whole brain program at par with international universities like university of Columbia and other top MNC companies.

How you can explore being part of this MBA

Initiate your application process by paying a small fees online or at the university to start your application process. Once you apply, university shall ask you to take the whole brain test and you shall have a one to one session with a certified whole brain specialist to help you discover your acumen for MBA education with special focus on digital marketing and entrepreneurship as career.

Even if you do not wish to enrol with this program this session shall help you understand your aptitude, strength and weakness for an MBA career. After this you shall be invited for a personal interview chaired by industry experts who shall evaluate you for Digital marketing industry. University shall be inviting your prospective recruiters also in this interview. You might get your first internship offer in this interview only before joining the program so hurry up and take the chance before seats get filled up.