MBA Education Renaissance: The Skill Way

Consider some of these facts: only about 7% of students who graduate from MBA courses in India are actually employable, if you leave aside the top 20 schools in the country. A study conducted recently found that many MBA institutes are producing ‘unemployable’ or sub-par graduates; who are able to only land jobs that fetch them between Rs.8,000 and 10,000 a month. And as everyone knows, getting into the top ten MBA colleges in India is easier said than done. So should you rethink your plan to do an MBA? Nothing so drastic; but you do need to know what you are getting into, if you plan to study a (so-called) International MBA Program.

Is there a downfall among B schools?

The ASSOCHAM study referred to above, had several other startling revelations: though only some of the top management colleges in India are highly regarded internationally, there are actually about 5,500 B-schools plus unapproved institutes as well in the country, which dish out some rather substandard education. While many of these may claim to offer an International MBA Program, these institutes are in reality plagued by poor faculty and infrastructure, lack of quality control, and low paying jobs resulting from campus placements. According to ASSOCHAM Secretary General D S Rawat, the quality of education provided is poor and not commensurate with the actual requirements of the corporate world. To sum up, the typical MBA graduate is not what employers are looking for!

MBAs – the skill way

You don’t have to be a statistic however. You don’t have to be that student who spends lakhs on their two year course only to land a poorly paid job at the end of all that hard work. Thanks to some welcome developments in the MBA education segment – some would call it a renaissance – you have access to International MBA Programs from some of the top management colleges in India and to an education that actually equips you with skills you can use… skills that employers are looking for.

Rather aiming only for the top ten MBA colleges in India, it can make more sense to try enroll for a regarded course that actually equips you with practical, workable and valuable skills such as:

  • Soft skills including interpersonal skills and networking that can really help a person in a leadership role. The ability to inspire coworkers, to communicate effectively with clients and peers, and the wherewithal to create a bridge of understanding between the different levels of the same organization can be imbibed largely. Soft skills taught by a good International MBA Program also encompass the development of leadership skills. The ability to motivate and inspire a team and the willingness to share knowledge, are the hall marks of a leader and these too can be learnt to a very large extent.
  • Fostering strategic thinking and problem solving is one of the cornerstones of any International MBA Program worth the name. How well you understand the market? How well are you able to deal with competition and can you get an edge over it?
  • Entrepreneurial skills are another asset employers seek. The technical understanding of the market and your product, the creativity to create opportunities for business expansion and growth – these are skill sets that the top management colleges in India will equip you with.
  • A board business understanding coupled with strategic problem solving equips you to function in a real world setting where you can rise to challenges and cope with the stresses and demands sent your way.
  • The ability to conduct research and honing of analytical skills are in important but sometimes neglected aspect of some MBA courses.

Equipping yourself with valuable and workable MBA skills

Apart from the International MBA Program and other course offered by top management colleges in India, you can also develop or add to these skills on your own by reading books, research material, case studies, educational websites and other publications. For example, The School of Business Studies (SBS) at the Shobhit University, in collaboration with its Knowledge partner ILEX Academy, offers The MBA in Digital Marketing & e-Entrepreneurship as a flagship course.

The Advisory Committee guides the Program along with the Board of Studies, constituting renowned professionals from Academic institutions and relevant industries.


  • 450 Hours of Industrial Training
  • MBA Program with 150 Credits
  • 60% of Program Hours & Credits focussed on Digital Marketing Specialisation
  • Practical application, Discussions, Live Projects and Activities offer Holistic Learning

Additionally, Mini MBA programs and online courses can also help you gain knowledge and some structured understanding of business settings. Many students may already have a smattering of the practical aspects of marketing and finance and such extracurricular efforts may go a long way in enhancing those skills. Be a part of the MBA Renaissance – the Skill Way!